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This page was last updated: December 7, 2014
Taking Care of Our Own

Thanks to a Department of Justice grant, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation offers a training program to help fire departments prepare for the worst — a line-of-duty death or serious injury. During the year, the Foundation will offer the training at various locations across the country.

Click here for a list of dates and locations where training is being held.

If you are interested in hosting a Taking Care of Our Own class, click here. For more information regarding the Taking Care of Our Own program, visit The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation website.

Fire service personnel and families who have lost a firefighter in the line-of-duty helped develop this one-day course called Taking Care of Our Own®. It covers pre-incident planning, survivor notification, family and coworker support, and benefits and resources available to the families.

Upcoming Training Classes
Click here For a list of scheduled Honor Guard training classes .

Please send us any information on upcoming Honor Guard training that is being held in your area.

Honor Guard Training
For specific information on the curriculum and the costs of the training classes, please contact each organization using the links below. The NHGCA does not endorse a specific training program or organization. Course offerings, curriculum and costs will vary. Honor Guards looking into taking training are encouraged to research each organization offering the training in order to find the best match for your unit's training goals.

National Honor Guard Academy courses are designed to provide the Fire Service, EMS and Law Enforcement organizations the basics to develop their honor guard and color guard units. These courses are intended to offer a unique training environment that will provide basic guidance for the standardization of training methods, instruction in proper drill movement and techniques, leadership enhancement, and team confidence building.

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Click here for information on hosting a class in your area.
Honor Guard training courses for both Fire Service and Law Enforcement Honor Guards.
This website is for the Goshen Indiana Police Honor Guard Training Academy. upcoming class dates are listed as well as contact information
This website is for the Elmhurst Illinois Fire Department. They host a Honor Guard Training Academy. Upcoming class dates are listed as well as contact information.
Competitive Outcomes provides drill team training rather than honor guard training. Some of the training can be used by honor guards that are involved in competition.