New Honor Guard Units

To contact one of the unit commanders listed here, click on their name to send an e-mail. These units are also listed on either the EMS Honor Guard Unit Listing Page, Fire Service Honor Guard Unit Listing page, or the Law Enforcement Honor Guard Unit Listing Page, along wiith their e-mail contact.

The NHGCA would like to welcome the following new Honor Guard units and their Commanders:

Alexander County Emergency Services Honor Guard
Alexander County, NC
Unit Commander: Mark Earle
Added: 9/2/2014

Austin/ Travis County EMS Honor Guard
Austin/ Travis County, TX
Unit Commander: Eric Whiteman
Added: 9/2/2014

Central Yavapai Fire District Honor Guard
Dewey, AZ
Unit Commander: Jeremiah King
Added: 9/1/2014

Charleston Fire Department Honor Guard
Charleston, WV
Unit Commander: Scott Holmes
Added: 9/2/2014

Chino Valley Fire District Honor Guard
Chino Valley, CA
Unit Commander: Kyle Colonna
Added: 12/8/2014

Glenn Heights Fire Department Honor Guard
Glenn Heights, TX
Unit Commander: Kenny Faris
Added: 9/2/2014

Gulfport Fire Department Honor Guard
Gulfport, MS
Unit Commander: Greg Griffin
Added: 8/28/2014

Medford Volunteer Ambulance EMS Honor Guard
Medford, NY
Unit Commander: Joseph Knoetgen Sr.
Added: 12/8/2014

New Castle County EMS Honor Guard
New Castle County, DE
Unit Commander: Christopher Schad
Added: 9/2/2014

North Port Fire Rescue Honor Guard
North Port, FL
Unit Commander: Richard Yarnall
Added: 9/2/2014

Parkwood Fire Department Honor Guard
Durham, NC
Unit Commander: Phillip Edwards
Added: 9/2/2014

Plainview Fire Department Honor Guard
Plainview, TX
Unit Commander: Harrison Hart
Added: 12/8/14

Police Emerald Society of Baltimore
Baltimore, MD
Unit Commander: Mark J. Bishop
Added: 12/8/2014

University Hospital EMS Honor Guard
Newark, NJ
Unit Commander: Eddie Acosta
Added: 9/1/2014

West Des Moines EMS Honor Guard
West Des Moines, IA
Unit Commander: Lindsey Mortenson
Added: 9/2/2014

Wood County Fire Department Honor Guard
Wood County, TX
Unit Commander: Mike Gilmore
Added: 9/2/2014

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