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This page was last updated: August 22, 2016

2016 National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend
Information for Bagpipers and Drummers

This page of the website will be dedicated to information for all Bagpipe and Drum units participating in the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend held in Emmitsburg, MD each year. For a link to information from The Fallen Firefighters Foundation regarding the weekend click here.

Additional information from the NHGCA regarding detail assignments and responsibilities along with command staff information will be posted here as it becomes available.

Updated: August 21, 2016
Memorial Weekend are October 6, 7, 8, and 9. As details become available they will be posted here and at the NFFF website.

2016 Pipers and Drummers Incident Action Plan- new AIP has been posted, click here.

For additional questions regarding participating in the Memorial Weekend, please contact:

Brian Brendel
Drum Major
Northern Virginia Firefighters' Emerald Society Pipe Band

Steve Cochran
Pipe Major
Northern Virginia Firefighters' Emerald Society Pipe Band


Here are the tenor drum routines that will be used during the memorial weekend. Unless otherwise directed, these will be the only routines used during the Memorial Weekend. Click on the links below to view YouTube videos.

4/4 Setting

3/4 Setting

Drum Scores

Printable PDF files of the music selections for the Memorial Weekend are available by clicking on each of the following links:

Drum Music:

Drum Music File 1

Drum Music File 2

The National Fallen Firefighters Memorial drum line scores for 2013:

- 4/4 massed band score- Last Two parts for all 4/4 tunes
- 3/4 massed band score- First Two parts (Green Hill's, Battles Ore, Balmoral)

Pipe Music Selections:

Candlelight Vigil Playlist File

Memorial Weekend Tunes and Sets:
The Green Hills of Tyrol
When the Battle's O're
The Green Hills of Tyrol- Seconds
When the Battle's O're- Seconds
Balmoral- Seconds

(Seconds are played on the repeat of the part.)

America the Beautiful
God Bless America
America the Beautiful

Drummers Lost
Drummers Lost- Seconds

Let Erin Remember
The Minstrel Boy
Wearing of the Green

Highland Cathedral

Twenty Men From Dublin Town
Sean South of Garryowen
Twenty Men From Dublin Town

Morag of Dunvegan
Morag of Dunvegan- Seconds

Bonnie Charlie
Johnny Scobie
Bonnie Charlie

Shenandoah- Seconds

The Gallant 42nd (Wha Sae the 42nd)
Blue Bells of Scotland
The Gallant 42nd (Wha Sae the 42nd)

Scotland the Brave
The Rowan Tree
Scotland the Brave
Scotland the Brave- Seconds

Retire to (The Bravest Set):
The Dawning of the Day

Off Campus and Parade Tunes, NFFF Memorial Pipes and Drums:

Cockney Jocks
Going Home
Rakes of Mallow

Parade Tune List:
Set 1: Let Erin Remeber/ Minstrel Boy/ Wearing of the Green (4/4)
Set 2: 20 Men from Dublin Town/ Sean South of Garrytown/ 20 Men from Dublin (4/4)
Set 3: (Bravest Set) Wings/ Dawning of the Day (4/4)
Set 4: Retreats: Green Hills/ Battle's O'er/ Balmoral (3/4)
Set 5 America/ God Bless America/ America (4/4)
Set 6: Rakes of Mallow 2/4)