National Honor Guard Commanders Association
This page was last updated: August 16, 2011
Glossary of Terms and Funeral Arrangement Options

Badge Shrouds- Black elastic bands that cover the center of the uniform badge. These may cover the badge either horizontally or diagonally. Badge Shrouds are also reffered to as "Mourning Bands".

Bagpipers- Bagpipers are used in traditonal fire service ceremonies. "Pipers" accompany and play music during the movement of the casket and if desired, during the service. amazing Grace is traditionally played at graveside.

Bell Service- A portable fire service bell that is tolled at the conclusion of the funeral service. One member reads a statement regarding the deceased's last alarm. A second member tolls the bell upon conclusion of the reading. It is traditon that the bell is rung with three sets of five rings each. This is known as striking signal 5-5-5. This signal traditionally means that the fallen firefighter has answered his or her last call and returned to quarters.

Bugler- One or two members may sounds taps during or at the end of the funeral service.

Color Guards- A trained unit of members carring and presenting national, state and local flags. Refer to the flag code for protocols on the order that flags are carried and for all other flag protocols.

Crossed Ladders-