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This page was last updated: September 17, 2014
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National Fire Department Honor Guard Competition
FDIC, Friday April 11, 2014
Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, Indiana

This year during FDIC the very best Fire and EMS Honor Guard units from around the country will gather in a competition to see who is “the best of the best.”

From the tolling of the Bell, to the folding of the Flag, to escorting of a fallen brother or sister to their final resting place, the Honor Guard is called upon to perform under some of the most emotionally trying and stressful moments during our career.  They serve their department and a grieving family who are at their lowest point. They bring comfort to those who can’t be consoled, Honor in the midst of pain and Dignity into a time of despair.

These men and women train for countless hours to make very intricate maneuvers and tactics look crisp and simple. Their precision brings a sense of peace and order into very difficult and chaotic moments. They perform their duties in the heat and cold, rain and snow, for hours upon hours, to bring that small moment of comfort to a grieving family or to bring honor to our service and nation.  They are the epitome of dedication, dignity and discipline within our service.

During the competition, the teams will compete in a variety of events to include a uniform inspection, posting of the Colors, casket watch and carry, and other events.  The standard is rigid and the competition extreme but all in support of bringing out the very best the teams have to offer.  While the competition is fierce, these men and women are dedicated to serving others. They share a great camaraderie with one another and the bond working with and competing against in this environment creates is very, very strong.

New to the event this year will be a free mini course open to all who attend and observe. This class, taught by the Instructors of the National Honor Guard Academy, will focus on the proper conduct and bearing in uniform, the Position Of Attention, Rest Positions and the proper way to execute a Salute.  This course will take place during the mid-competition break at approximately 1200 hours.

Again this year, teams will be scored by the Instructors of the National Honor Guard Academy and based upon the strictest of military standards. The Competition will be held on April 11th, 2014 in the 500 ballroom. The deadline for team registration is Friday February 1st to ensure a place in the competition. Late registration will only be accepted if a spot becomes open and on the approval of the Judging Cadre.  Teams are allowed to select their competition start time based upon their date of registration.

For more information or to register your team, visit the National Honor Guard Academy Website or the FDIC website. Click here for rules and guidelines for the competition.

For more information please contact Captain Glen Busch of the MABAS 20 Honor Guard via cell phone: 630-290-8155 or via email:
Captain Glen Busch is a 19 year veteran of the Hillside (IL) Fire Department and is the Commander of the M.A.B.A.S. Division 20 Honor Guard in Cook County Illinois. He was a member of a USAF base Honor Guard team and past Instructor at the Elmhurst Honor Guard Academy. He currently volunteers his time with the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association in recruiting, training and supplying honor guard units for use in LODD funerals throughout Illinois.