National Honor Guard Commanders Association
The organizational structure of the NHGCA consists of a Board of Directors made up of  5 Directors and a Chairman of the Board. Each Director is responsible for overseeing two regions. Each region will have a Regional Director, and each state will have a State Director. The primary responsibility of each of these positions is to coordinate communication and resources within their geographic areas. In addition to this we hope to facilitate the sharing of information and resources between all fire service Honor Guard Commanders and their units. While the organizational structure of the NHGCA has been set up for the fire service, we are providing unit listings for law enforcement Honor Guards as well as providing resource information for these Honor Guards.

If you are a Fire Service Honor Guard Commander that would be interested in one of the open positions as either a Regional Director or a State Director, please contact Dave Hathaway.

To contact one members of the Board of Directors for your region, just click on their name below. For a map of the states within each region click here or you can go to the Honor Guard Unit Listing page.

Dave Hathaway- Chairman

Eric Nagle- NFFF Representative

Earl Lincoln- Director Regions 1 and 2

Larry Zimba- Director Regions 3 and 5

Doug Swartz- Director Regions 4 and 6

Kyle Ienn- Director Regions 7 and 8

Dan Gosnell- Director Regions 9 and 10

NHGCA Contacts
This page was last updated: August 16, 2011