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Bagpipe and Drum Band Listings

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If your Band is not listed and you would like it to be, please send us an e-mail with your units name along with a contact e-mail and your website address. The only information that will be published on this web-site will be your unit name and an e-mail link. All of the other information on the form will be used for a National Honor Guard Data Base. This information will be used by other Bands and Honor Guards in order to provide them with contact information for funerals or assistance in forming and training other Bands.

Alabama- Region 4
Alabaster Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 9/23/07

Arizona- Region 9
Phoenix Fire Department Honor Guard Pipes & Drums    Added 4/4/09

Arkansas- Region 7
Jonesboro Honor Guard Pipes and Drums    Added 9/22/09

California- Region 9
California Div of Forestry Honor Guard Pipes & Drums
California Professional Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Website
Orange County Fire Authority Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/13/07
Sacramento FireFighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/13/07
San Diego FireFighter's Emerald Society Pipes and Drums    Website
San Diego Firefighters Pipes and Drums    Website    Added 3/22/12

Colorado- Region 8
Colorado Emerald Society Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/13/07
Colorado Springs Firefighters Honor Guard Pipes & Drums
Westminister FireFighters Honor Guard Pipes & Drums

Connecticut- Region 1
Connecticut Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/13/07
Manchester Regional Fire and Police Pipe Band
New Haven County Firefighters Emerald Society Pipe and Drum Band
Website    Updated 11/07/07
New London Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 3/19/09

District of Columbia- Region 3
Emerald Society Firefighters of Washington DC   Website   Updated 10/13/07
Washington DC Fire Pipes and Drums    Website    Added 9/14/09

Florida- Region 4
Firefighters of Tampa Bay Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/13/07
Jacksonville Fire Department Pipes & Drums    Website   Updated 9/3/14
Orlando Fire & Rescue Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 4/4/10
Palm Beach County Fire/Rescue Pipes & Drums    Website

Georgia- Region 4
Firefighters Emerald Society of Metropolitian Atlanta    Website
The Heart of Georgia Police & Fire Pipes & Drums    Website
Valdosa Fire Department Pipe &Drum Corps    Website    Updated 10/13/07

Idaho- Region
Idaho Falls Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Added 8/18/09

Illinois- Region 5
Bagpipes and Drums of the Emerald Society, Chicago Police Department
Website    Added 10/13/07
Band of Brothers Pipes and Drums    Website     Updated 1/19/08
Chicago Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 8/23/12
Firefighters Highland Guard of Naperville
Pipes and Drums of the Chicago Police Department   Website
The Firefighters Highland Guard of DeKalb

Indiana- Region 5
Band of Brothers Pipes and Drums    Website     Updated 1/19/08
Bloomington Metropolitan Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Added 9/26
Fort Wayne Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Added 9/28/08
Indianapolis Firefighters Emerald Society Pipes & Drums    Website

Kentucky- Region 6
Louisville Fire/Rescue Pipes & Drums

Maine- Region 1
Guns N Hoses Pipes and Drums    Added 9/3/14
Maine Public Safety Pipes & Drums Corps    Updated 9/8/07

Maryland- Region 3
Calvert County Fire & EMS Pipes and Drums    Website    Added 8/6/12
Fire Brigade Pipes & Drums of Greater Baltimore   Website   Updated 9/7/14
Frederick Scottish Pipes and Drums 
Montgomery County FireFighters Pipes & Drums   Website
Police Emerald Society of Baltimore Honor Guard    Added 12/8/14
Prince George's County Firefighters Emerald Society    Website
Prince George's County Police Pipe Band    Website    Added 5/9/10

Massachusetts- Region 1
Boston EMS Regimental Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/14/07
Brockton FireFighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/14/07
Cape Cod Police & Fire Pipes & Drums
Chelsea FireFighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/13/07
Peabody Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/14/07
Plymouth County Pipes and Drums    Website    Added 10/14/07
Spencer Fire Brigade Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/14/07
Worcester Fire Brigade Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/13/07

Michigan- Region 5
Detriot Police and Fire Pipes and Drums    Website    Added 9/3/14

Minnesota- Region 5
Minnesota State Fire Service Memorial Pipe Band    Website
Twin Cities Metro Pipe Band    Website    Updated 10/14/07

Missouri- Region 7
Boone County.Fire Protection District Pipes and Drums    Website
Greater St. Louis Area Firefighters Highland Guard    Website

Nebraska- Region 7
Lincoln Fire & Rescue Department Pipes & Drum Corps

Nevada- Region 9
Nevada Fire and Police Emerald Society

New Hampshire- Region 1
New Hampshire Professional Fire Fighters Pipes & Drums    Website

New Jersey- Region 2
Bergen County Firefighters Pipe Band    Website    Updated 10/14/07
Camden County Emerald Society Pipes & Drums    Website
Cape Atlantic Police & Fire Irish Pipe Brigade
Essex County Police & Fire Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/14/07
Jersey City Firefighters Emerald Society
Middlesex County Police & Fire Pipes & Drums    Website
Newark FireFighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/14/07
New Jersey State Police Pipe Band    Website    Added 6/7/09
Passaic County Police and Fire Emerald Society Pipe Band
Police Pipes & Drums of Morris County    Website    Added 3/29/08
Somerset County Police Pipes & Drums    Website    Added 10/14/07
Union County Police & Fire Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/14/07

New Mexico- Region 6
New Mexico Fire Pipes and Drums    Added 10/12/07

New York- Region 2
Cold Spring Fire Department Pipes & Drums
FDNY Emerald Society Pipes & Drums, Inc.    Website    Updated 10/14/07
FDNY EMS Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/14/07
Fire Department of New York Emerald Society Pipes & Drums Band
Nassau County Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/14/07
Rockland County FireFighters Pipes & Drums
Westchester County Firefighters Emerald Society
Yonkers Fire Department Pipes & Drums

North Carolina- Region 4
Charlotte FireFighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/14/07
Greenville Public Safety Pipes and Drums    Website    Added 6/2/09
Greensborough Firefighters Pipes and Drums    Updated 8/31/08
Wake & District Public Safety Pipes & Drums    Website    Added 2/3/08

Ohio- Region 5
Central Ohio Safety Forces Pipes & Drums
Cincinnati Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Updated 10/14/07
Cleveland Firefighters Memorial Pipes & Drums    Website
Columbus Police & Fire Pipes & Drums
Norwich Township Fire Department Honor Guard and Pipes & Drums
Urbana Fire Division Pipers
Washington Township Firefighters Pipes & Drums

Oregon- Region 10
Tualatin Valley FireFighters Pipes & Drums

Pennsylvania- Region 3
Latrobe FVD Pipes and Drums    Added 9/3/14
Philadelphia. Police & Fire Pipes & Drums    Website
Pittsburgh FireFighters Memorial Pipes & Drums
Pittsburgh Police Emerald Society Pipes and Drums    Website
Western Pennsylvania FireFighters Honor Guard Pipes & Drums

Rhode Island- Region 1
Firefighters of Rhode Island Emerald Society
Rhode Island Professional Firefighters Pipes & Drums

Texas- Region 6
Dallas Police & Fire Pipes & Drums
Denton Fire Department Pipes and Drums    Website    Added 5/3/08
Galveston County FireFighters Pipes & Drums
Georgetown FireFighters Pipes & Drums
Grapevine Fire Department Pipes & Drums    Website    Added 6/11/09
Houston Fire Department Pipes & Drums   Updated 9/2/15
Lone Star Pipe Band    Added 4/26/13
San Antonio Firefighters Honor Guard Pipes & Drums

Utah- Region 10
Utah Firefighters Emerald Society    Website    Added 9/23/15

Virginia- Region 3
Lynchburg Fire & EMS Pipes & Drums
Northern Virginia Firefighters' Emerald Society Pipe Band

Washington- Region 10
Eastside Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Added 2/23/12
Pierce County Firefighters Pipes & Drums    Website    Added 12/25/08
Seattle FireFighters Pipes &Drums
Spokane Valley FireFighters Pipes & Drums

Wisconsin- Region 5
Bravest & Finest Memorial Pipe Band Inc.
Kenosha Area Public Safety Pipes & Drums Association
Professional FireFighters of Wisconsin Honor Guard Pipes & Drums

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